Local. Inclusive. Relational.

Coming together to make Bloomington a better place.

We are people who live, work, study, or worship in Bloomington, Minnesota —  coming together to make Bloomington a better place.

We are intentionally inclusive and run by the people.

We promote local events and nonprofits, and meet regularly to know our neighbors, identify issues, and organize for action in Bloomington.

Core Values

Led by the people of Bloomington

Intentionally representative

Non-sectarian; Non-partisan


Repeated over time


Our Vision

Develop a sense of place and identity for Bloomington.

Neighborhoods are a place to connect with others and build community that truly includes all people in our city. The only requirement is that you spend time in Bloomington; there is no other requirement for membership. In addition, your neighborhood is always convenient and nearby; you don’t have to go anywhere to get there. Your neighborhood is right where you live, work, worship, or study — you are already there! In our increasingly busy lives, neighborhoods provide a sense of identity and location in the city — a sense that we belong in Bloomington — as a part of our normal daily activities.

Encourage and empower involvement of all people in Bloomington.

Neighborhoods are the easiest point of entry into civic life. Whether one lives, works, worships, or studies in Bloomington, one can participate in the community at the neighborhood level, and work with others to accomplish shared goals. Attend a social event, help to clean up a local park, volunteer at a local school, or speak to your neighbors when you have a concern — a neighborhood is the first step of civic engagement. People who take on leadership roles in their neighborhood will become known over time. Such leaders are ideal candidates to take on other leadership roles in the city.

Normalize & celebrate diversity in our community.

By knowing our neighbors, we gain an appreciation for the wide variety of people in Bloomington. Becoming active in our neighborhood creates opportunities to meet people who are not the same as us, but share a desire to build healthy families and a strong community.

Bloomington Neighborhood Connections

Bloomington Cultural Festival